Latest Fishery Photos from Toddington Fishery Below you will see some photos of the latest large catches here at Toddington Fishery.  When you visit us be sure to bring your camera and email us your photos for this page! If possible can you send the email image at around 500 Pixcels wide.  Or if using an iphone select size small. 

Deans Halls, 20lb 6oz carp 


24lb carp caught today 20th Jan 2020 by Terry on the bottom lake.











Great catch from Michael Desmond on Sun 7th Feb

20lb Catfish !!


HI JOHN thanks for a great 70th birthday on the 19/8th my mate JIMs 70th  was on the 17th and mine on the 19th, we had a

great day out  I beat him 13 to 7 that day ,but as you know he beat me on friday 28th 9to6 ,we dont count small stuff only carp.
IN all the years we have been coming we have NEVER EVER  BLANKED,  LONG MAY IT LAST. by the way Iam the hairy one
PS my wife MARG said it wont last much longer if I dont get home from fishing in time for dinner more often LATE AGAIN

Lee Gazely caught this 22 lb Carp on Sat 29th Aug 

Hi John,

Attached are pictures of Roger Wilmin with the Bronze Carp and John Purcell with his ‘monster’ skimmer bream.
Could you post these on the news page on your website.
Thanks for a great fishery!

Monday 24th Aug

Catfish caught using a magets wafter from the bottom lake 23lbs 20lbs 18lbs


Catfish caught using a cc Moore wafter from the bottom lake under the willow
tree weighing in at just over 14lb


krzysztof szybicki

Catfish 16/08/2015 HUBERT SZYBICKI 23lbs 18lbs 15lbs 10lbs


Sat 15th Aug 2015

A big well done to Alf for catching this 15.5lb Ghost Carp !  Caught by only using bread !!


This is the catfish I caught on the bottom lake using halibut
Thanks Ricky 

"Poacher" going by the name of Norman Currington ! Obviously didn't see the sign behind him ??!!


Ronald Monong

This is the 33lbs catfish we caught on halibut pellet. Ron, Chris and I really enjoyed the day

18th July 2015

Bill Tookey, 16lb cat on 6th July 2015 then a 23lb the
following week on 16th.


Andrea McNamara 30lb catfish from the bottom lake on Halibut pellets

Morning John
The 'Three Muskateers'are back with you again today. They said that you wanted a photo of Mikey's 1st Catfish, which is attached. Caught on a 10lb line with halibut bait.
Left to right in the photo is; Craig, Michael and Harry.

13/05/2015 at 3pm caught my 1st catfish at Toddington Fisheries Bedfordshire
it weighed in at 30lb .caught by meat. took some time to get in , but  well worth the wait.  
Mr Mark Coates. from Hertfordshire.   
here's the  photos of 30lb catfish
see you soon mate .


Cameron Hay caught this on the 8th May


Hi John,

Had another great day on the top lake, landed 17 carp the majority 18 inches from the bank.Have enclose a picture of the 17th fish a “Common” weighing in at 20lbs 4ozs.
I have also enclosed the picture of my first 20 pounder this season from the top lake.
Best regards
Ray Stoner 


Simon Mardon 19/04/15

hi john here is the picture of me and digger chilling the other day, like I said sadly no fish but you will see me shortly again,

Cheers for a great fishery

Hi there fished with a friend the other day and caught this 9lb mirror at 3am with mainline hybrid freezer baits.. Very cold night but hope to be back soon! James




Crumble2_500x300.jpg - 42.57 kb

Sean.jpg - 90.7 kb

Shaun.jpg - 69.51 kb 

Hi j I have sent a few pictures of my night fish this weekend which was special as it was my dad and 8 year old sons first time three generations in one tent tight squeeze but it was worth it as we have bream up too 9 lbs and the look on my son's face when he landed his first big bream at 3 lbs but the highlight for me was landed a 30 lbs cat fish from the bottom lake at 5:00am she put up a good fight 40 mins worth this was caught on 12lb crystal red main line 8 lb screw fixed size 12 hook using a large chunk of spam will be coming back very soon thank you for a lovely night and day at a lovely venue 

Shaun peck 
Milton Keynes 

James Dawkins 20lb Catfish

JamesDawkins.jpg - 39.46 kb 

 Hi john, attached are some photos from the other night on the bottom lake after Catfish. Mike Smith managed to catch 3 Catfish including a 4lbish cat, a 16lb 1oz and a 21lb 14oz Catfish while Matt Hale managed to catch a 4lb ghost carp and no cats . All of the fish were caught on Halibut pellets. 


Matt1.jpg - 74.84 kb 

Matt2.jpg - 79.68 kb

Matt3.jpg - 70.37 kb

 Matt4.jpg - 46.69 kb

 Here are some photos of a 3lb 1oz perch and a 3lb chub caught on the 2/1/14 by
Matt Hale from Browns angling.the fish were caught on a 1950's DAM centrepin and
a Edgar Sealy 'All Round' split cane rod. All fish, including a 2lb 2oz perch
and many smaller perch were caught on the bottom pond using float fishing
Matt Hale

BrownsPerchB.jpg - 202.37 kb



I Have been coming to The lakes now on and off for 15 years in search of one of Johns elusive Big Cats, And although I've hooked them plenty of times I've never been fortunate enough to get one on the bank. As my job can be very demanding at times and even though I work within the fishing industry, Fishing time for myself can be extremely rare. So with work that little bit laxed over the summer holidays and a change in weather both with rising temperatures and changing pressures, I jumped at the chance for a 2 nighter over at Lydon lakes.

On Arrival I was greeted by the normal sight of digger sat by johns house without a care in the world. It was like id never been away!
With Cats on my mind the bottom lake was the only option for me and luckily enough to my surprise the big (what i call) "Jetty swim was available". It was a no brainer as it had always been a very productive swim for me as a kid and to be fair, with the lake not being that busy, You could cast to all the decent areas with ease.

I decided against using bollies as hook baits as I wasn't really concentrating on other species other then the cats so a 2 inch by 2 inch piece of luncheon was mounted on to my rigs tied with Nash missing link and Nash fang twisters with the compliment of a messy bag filled with crushed Nash mach 1's, Cubes of luncheon meet and small halibut pellets.

It wasn't long before my left hand rod ripped off and landed the first cat of the day around 4 lbs, Not the biggest but a start. The first night drew in and not much had happened apart from a good roach, and a bream.( Crazy considering the size of hook bait).

The following day just seemed to get hotter but still managed to pick the odd carp up and little cat but no monsters.
As the end of day 2 was coming to the end and with john looming in the background cutting the grass my right hand rod screamed off and as soon as the rod was in hand i new it was one of the larger residents within the lake.
After a 15 min battle and runs surging down the lake john helped slide the net under a large looking cat.
It had been the beast I was after at 23.1lbs and was over the moon with it.
In total I had 16 catfish from 4 to 23.1lbs, 5 carp to 15lbs, 1 Roach and 1 Bream and thoroughly enjoyed it.

John massive thanks and see you soon

All the best

Steve Waters

Countryside & Fishery Tech

Shuttleworth College

Old Warden






My daughter and I visited your lakes for the first time today and i just wanted to say what brilliant day we had.
I fished the middle lake and plenty of roach, rudd, bream and perch on the pole - then there were those that got away (as always)!
Prettiest fish of the day is attached.
Thanks for a great day, we will definitely be back!!


Hi John! Thought you might want to add this picture of 28 lbs cat fish.

Thank you!




Dear John,

Attached here is a picture collage of our fishing experience. Hope you can include it in the website.



Hi John it's Matt Hale from Browns Angling, here's some pictures of a haul of 36lb on the top pond using feeder tactics on the 15th September, many thanks


Hi John 24lb 3oz cat off the bottom lake this weekend 11/08/13,family effort grand pop,son and grandson best fishery around cheers we will be back.


Busy night at the farm which included 3 cats in double figures and this personal best 18 lb mirror on large halibut pellet

Hi John, just a couple of photos from the 24 hour session on friday.We did not weigh the cat but the carp was 17lb...we will be back....Steve

Hi there,
Thought you might want to put this Picture on your Website. 26 1/2lb Catfish Caught on the Bottom Lake on a B5 Shelflife Boilie. Really nice Fishery will Definitely be back.

Dane Reiter



My catch from the thursday after easter. Was very cold with snow on and off all day. Happy with the catch considering the conditions.




Michael Fox



hey John
myself and my brother adam stacey come to toddington alot! its a great place to fish, we came yesterday with my mate and we fish on the middle lake for a couple of hours and then we went to the bottom lake for a couple of hours and my brother adam caught a 7lb common carp on 10ml pellet ledger under a tree within mins in the water on the bottom lake
the pic at the top , hope to see it on the website soon! it also his pb so he is chuffed , we will see you soon!
many thanks matt stacey

Caught this lovely 7lb catfish from middle lake on a single red maggit and pole lovely

Jakobs first ever cat fish caught on bottom lake double red maggot on a whip


john caught this 15lb catfish on the bottom lake.



Hi John just thought i would send you a couple of pics of fish caught recently from the bottom lake, we are staying in the cabin and have started to suss the cats out...We hope
-- 17lb common
just over 20lb catfish





Dear John,
Sorry no records today,4 carp total weight 43lb.2oz,have enclosed the best two,with these 4 carp, 5 crusean carp, 39 lovely roach, and Tench.
Weather wasn't that bad,enjoyed today
Best regards
Ray Stoner
P.S. all the fish caught on 6 mm strikeonebait soft hook pellet.

Well Done Daniel Mc for catching this 11lb Mirror Carp on the bottom lake on Sunday 13th May 2012


My name is Jacob Nico-Katz and I caught this 9lb 2oz fish on the 7th of May 2012


Andrews 6lb catfish bottom lake

James Mc 16lb mirror carp

I emailed you at the beginning of the week. Took your advice and fished the bottom lake on Wednesday 11/5/12. Thanks for that J I must say its a lovely place and we will definitely be back again. Had a 16 pound mirror and a 10 pound catfish both on red peperami.


Heres a 22LB mirror carp caught by Matt Hale (14) on the top pond on 19/11/11
The carp took 8 grains of corn legerd on a hair rig just off the island


the fish steamed off for a snag which it really wanted to get into but after 3 minuites the fish was safely in the net waying in at exactly 22LB


Also a 18LB catfish caught by Matt Pullan (15) on the bottom pond a few months ago
The fish took a Legerd 11mm pellet and took 10 mins to get into the net






Please find attached new personal best caught on the top lake last Weds. 23lb beauty, beating my "PB" by 6lbs. Caught using "chilli" flavoured luncheon meat over a bed of chopped meat and sweetcorn.
Previous week, caught 8 fish for 100lb between 6pm and 8.30pm !!!!!!!!!!!! Great fishery eh!!!!!!
Thanks very much,
Keith Morris

Richard caught this 7lb 3oz common carp on the method feeder will definatley be returning for a night fish thanks


10lb 40z common carp on a 3m pole and sweetcorn


10lb 5oz caught by Billy Lloyd at 4:03am on the 7/08/2011

18lb 7oz caught by Ellis Oliver at 1:25pm on the 7/08/2011


Hi, I thought I would send you a photo of Jon Carberry's 20lb 5 oz mirror carp, (attached) caught on the top lake during Toddington Angling clubs night match (thankyou very much for that!) It was our first time night fishing, and what a night it turned out to be! Thanks again, Kath and Jon Carberry.



well done for a great fishery
on my very first visit i fished the top lake and caught quite a few carp and the highlight was this 8lb 14oz ghost
will certainly be planning alot more visits to your fishery and recommending you to friends
kind regards
darren pearce

Danny McNamara caught this 14lb catfish on the bottom lake with cell boilie.


Hi mate.
i have been on fishing with my son at saturday on bottom lake and we catch few carps and one catfish wich was exac. 10lb. i do attached a picture of it.if you can upload on the website i will be glad and i hope is gonna be again a proof that your lake is one of the best.many thanks

Klimowicz Dawid from Luton


These two fish were caught by Ian Bacchuss on the middle lake

Well done to Ross for catching his 1st fish,  4lb common carp, caught on the top lake, with strawberry boilie and sweetcorn.

Daniel Lydon caught this whopping 26.5 lb Carp, on the top lake


Carp weighed 28lbs.13ozs,still we got the fish,had a great day 15 carp 2 crusean carp 3 Bream and 7 Perch.I have made pictures and will deliver it to Mary's cabin on Friday.Never mind Daniel you have plenty of time.
Best regards
 Ray Stoner



10lb Carp caught by Tony Burnage


11lb Catfish also caught by Tony Burnage


Tony Burnage caught this 7lb catfish



Well done Charlie Barnett who caught this Catfish on the bottom lake.

Big carp Ray Stoner from Strikeonebaite caught the other Saturday on the pole.(21lbs.9ozs)


11lb carp caught on Luncheon meat bottom lake by Carole Wells and Cliff Mills


Brooke and Lloyd Young

Well done to Lloyd Young, he caught this great fish with the fishing rod his uncle John Joe brought him for his last birthday !!

Email from Anita Miller

Please find attached photo of my Grand daughter Chiana Miller who caught a 13lb carp her pb, on Friday 22nd April she had a lovely day playing with your daughter and fishing. The second photo he father was holding the fish for her and her brother Phoenix had to join in the photo.


Thank you for having a lovely venue which is child friendly.


Kind regards

Anita Miller


10lb carp which Matthew Butcher caught on top lake

koi carp weighed 8lbs

common carp weighed 15lbs

Well done again Jack for the above catches !!

Mark Riordan, 17.6lb Mirror Carp


13th April 2011

Andrew Mackinnon 14lb Carp

Ottis Whittington 6lb Carp

Ottis Whittington 12lb Ghost Carp

Luke Standbrige 8lb


Ottis Whittington 20lb Carp


April 9th 2011

Derrick Hawes

Ian Hawes

7th April 2011

Today was a lovely day for fishing and well done to the following.....................

Ron, he caught a 9.5lb Catfish, followed be his bother Ron catching a 8.5lb catfish with lunchon meat, both caught on the bottom lake.

Richard Meikle caught a beautiful conditioned 1.5lb roach, this was to add to the haul he caught before this one !

Paul Hack pole caught a 14lb common carp.



Well done Jack for catching this lovely catfish, from the middle lake.

Jack is proving himself to be one of the best young fishermen here at Toddington.

16.5lb Mirror carp, caught on Monday 4th April 2011 by Daniel on the bottom lake


Gracie and Digger Lydon first fishing session of the season, produced this roach.



Lee Dixon caught this 12lb Mirror on a ledgerd pellet



2lb05oz perch taken on a freelined lob

7lb09oz common taken on 16mm bread mushroom. We was fishing the bottom lake and will definitely be returning soon! Feel free to share the pictures on your website.

13lb mirror carp, caught by Jack


Ray Stoner caught this.16lb.13oz Mirror Carp.Caught using 4mm strikeonebait soft hook pellet